Our baby way 4.5 months old and we already felt itchy to hit the road. Although it is quiet ok to travel the world with little ones, they sure change the way how you search for your next destination. Read why we chose Egypt to be our first vacation as a family. 

Before deciding to which destination we are going to hit with our 4.5 months old son, we made a wish list:

  • Warm weather – to avoid layering clothes and constant (un)dressing of our kid,
  • Rest after long sleepless nights (no cooking, cleaning and dish-washing on vacation),
  • Short flights exclusively from our nearest airport,
  • No time difference since our kid just got accustomed to daily routine,
  • Possibility of doing water sports (we can’t just lie around all day), especially kitesurfing.

All of the above wishes (especially Ljubljana being the departure point) narrowed down the selection of travel destinations. Soma Bay in Egypt met all of our family standards and we decided to book an All-inclusive package at the 5* Palm Royal Soma Bay Hotel. One of the reasons for staying here was also the fact that the hotel is only 5 minutes away from 2 amazing kitesurfing beaches.

Please read about our time in Egypt and learn about the number one condition to enjoy your vacation in a hotel resort with a baby.

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