I have been returning to the village of Olimje ever since I was a little girl. Today, the village is one the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia where everyone’s wishes are fulfilled, no matter how young or old you are. Most of all, Olimje is a place where all kinds of service providers are united in proudly promoting their village. In 2009, Olimje received a golden award for being the most beautiful village in Europe.

Location: Olimje – Podčetrtek, Slovenia

Time of travel: June 2015

Travel days: 3 days

Age of child: 3 years

Heaven for: children of all ages, parents, grandparents. For all who like genuine experience, local food and plenty activities for youngest and us, older kids:)

Weather: You can visit Olimje anytime during the year, even if it is raining, as they adopted their offer to satisfy your need, no matter the weather and temperature.


Guesthouse Jelenov Greben

Recommendable time of visit: You can visit Olimje for a day, or even better for a weekend, but the best option would be a whole week. Kids will love goofing off in the selection of pools Terme Olimia has to offer, feeding deer at Jelenov Greben, letting their imagination run wild in the Witch’s cottage, riding the tourist train, widening their eyes in Olimje’s chocolate factory, taking homemade tea from the Minorite monastery with them, and so much more. Parents will enjoy the activities just as much as the kids while tasting the great local cuisine and pampering themselves with Olimje’s wellness services.

What to do with your kid in Olimje? We recommend best 7 attractions that kids, parents and grandparents will absolutely love.

1. Terme Olimia

Terme Olimia will surpass your highest expectations – of both you and your little ones. Besides being one of the largest indoor and outdoor pool complexes, it also has a wide selection of wellness services, animation programs for children and great accommodation. Read more about how kid’s are enjoying in Terme Olimia here.


Outdoor pools with slides – appropriate for smaller and older kids



2. Guesthouse Jelenov Greben

Their slogan is “every morning is something special”, and it truly is. A bird’s eye view, waking up in the quietness of nature, watching the deer’s morning walk past our house, feeding deer and mouflons, especially at dinner time, genuine home cooking, a new and enclosed playground, and a private wellness offer.

Read more about what we loved about in Jelenov Greben.


Pension with Wellness


Feeding deer and mouflons


Playtime in the heated pool

3. The Olimje Minorite Monastery

The first view of the baroque church, initially intended for pilgrims, and decorated with black and golden altars, is quite impressive. Inside the monastery you will find a herbal apothecary with different herbal concoctions (teas, tinctures, ointments). On the outside, there is a neatly organised herbal garden with plants that are exhibited with both their Slovene and Latin names. Children can also learn about the healing powers of each plant.


The path along the Monastery

4. Chocolate factory Olimje – Syncerus

Just a stone’s throw away, under Mount Rudnica, Syncerus – handmade production and sale of chocolate products awaits us. A chocolate lollipop in the pleasant shade of a tree might not be the most appropriate snack, but it is certainly the kids’ favourite. You will not have any problems in further exploration of Olimje. Don’t forget to buy some handmade pralines to take home.


Chocolate delights are hard to resist

5. Witch’s cottage – A land of fairytales and imagination

Take your kids for a walk through the forest and listen to streams tinkling and birds singing, explore the fairytale world together, and meet the favourite book characters of your youth, witches; let your (not only your kid’s) imagination run wild.


In search of our favourite fairytale characters


The scariest witch is grandma?

6. Hlapon road train

The road train is certainly an interesting way to get to know Olimje and its surroundings. This is especially true for kids. You can get all the information about the train ride at the reception of Hotel Breza, or by calling the number (+386) 41 392 091. The train goes in three directions:

  • Trip to Olimje
  • Trip to Rogaška Slatina
  • Social trips/trips for larger groups along the tourist wine road (visiting tourist farms and wine cellars)

Hlapon road train

7. Other attractions in the vicinity:

  • Rogatec, where kids will love the open-air museum. You will be able to experience how noblemen and farmers once lived, how a type of bread called žulika is made, see some folk dancing and learn handicraft skills.
  • Trips across the Kozjansko Region. The Kozjansko Regional Park is one of the oldest and largest protected areas of animal and plant species in Slovenia. It offers a plethora of activities, of which we recommend at least three you and your kids will find interesting: visiting the natural site of orchids (there are more than 70 species present in Slovenia), the astronomic observatory and stargazing at the Prevorje elementary school, and the Slivnica Lake where you can visit a bird
  • Podsreda Castle, one of Slovenia’s best preserved castles. Visit the castle dungeons and see what a medieval kitchen looked like.
  • Not really an attraction, but great fun for the kids – leave your car in Celje and take a real steam train ride to Podčetrtek. The line operates until the 26th of September, and you can use the ticket to get a 50% discount at Aqualuna water park. We recommend that you check update schedule on the  internet, before departure.

Museum train

The above descriptions are based on personal impressions and information I gathered while travelling with my family. For more information, please contact us at: hello@kidgoround.com.


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