Some Bay, Egypt was the first destination for the trip with our 4.5 month-year-old baby. This lovely place by the Read Sea is trimmed with beautiful beaches, has agreeable air and water temperatures, is near some great kite spots for beginners, and is a great location to rest after long sleepless nights.

  • Location:  Soma Bay, Egypt, the Red Sea
  • Time of travel:  May (appropriate in all seasons, except summers can be hot).
  • Travel days: 7
  • Heaven for:  lovers of beautiful turquoise beaches, snorkelers and divers, lovers of water sports (surfing, kitesurfing, SUPing). 
  • Age of child: 4.5 months
  • Appropriate for kids:  babies, toddlers, preschoolers, primary school– all-day animation guaranteed
  • Flight:  4.5 hours with Adria (Ljubljana – Hurghada), flight back 6.5 hours with a stop in Sharm El Sheikh, flight company: Adria Airways.
  • Weather:  considering the constant breeze of air, not too hot.
  • Accommodation:  Palm Royal Soma Bay, we booked the whole trip with this travel agency, that also arranged our transport from the airport to the hotel and back. It takes 1.5h by bus. No baby seats on the bus.
  • From the airport to the location: the transport was arranged by the travel agency and takes about an hour. A bus took us to the hotel and we had to keep Taras in our laps.

Soma Bay, Egypt, Location


  • €800/person for all-inclusive deal (plane ticket included, all-inclusive accommodation with a sea front room).


1. Ground floor room next to the beach (number 2008):

The best and most convenient part of the entire trip was our room with a terrace only 50m (54 yards)  away from the sea; we never really felt like we were staying at a resort. Our terrace had comfortable sun beds and the surrounding palm trees kept us in a nice shade throughout the day (sun protection is especially important for the child). The terrace became our beach, so we did not have to run up and down to our room carrying around all “baby on the beach essentials”.


Ground floor app 50 m away from the beach, Soma Bay

2. Weather and beach:

Sandy beaches with the kind of sand that is not carried around by the wind so you do not end up with ears full of sand, and a constant gentle breeze that neutralizes the high temperatures (around 30°C). The beautiful turquoise sea is quite refreshing (no need to spend 10 minutes just getting in the water). It is clean and calm. The point where you enter the water is great for kids since there are no stones and the water goes only up to your knees for a while further.


Beautiful hotel beach, Soma Bay, Egypt

3. Great conditions for kitesurf beginners:  calm, shallow water; professional instructors;  5 minutes away from the hotel

4. Delicious Food and friendly personnel:  a well-stocked buffet with tasty food (the mere fact that we did not have to cook was tasty enough :).  Besides the hotel restaurant (the desserts are divine), you can also choose among different types of cooking. There is a Greek, Thai, Lebanon (with a relaxing shisha corner), and Italian restaurant.


Delicious hotel food, Soma Bay, Egypt

5. Entire day of animation for kids

The most important thing for kids is the daily animation with various activities lasting from 8am to 10pm in the evening. You can leave your kid in the childcare centre with a trampoline and other playground equipment where childcare personnel will look after him. There are also many pools, including a heated pool for kids. A mouse and a tiger stroll walk around the beach entire time  inviting kids to have fun in the water during the day, while an outdoor disco for kids opens in the evening. Most importantly – kid meals are available in all bars.

What parents should know about: 

  • Friendly personnel
  • Beach bars with cold drinks (broadcasting football matches on big screen) –  my hubbie’s favourite pastime activity
  • Wi-Fi available for extra cost
  • Baby cots available
  • Bring your own nappies as there are no shops nearby (only a few boutiques in the hotel resort)
  • Every night they spray the mosquito repellent around the hotel (the best thing at that time is to stay in your room until the spray settles down)
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