“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius” wrote Mark Twain. Since our family wanted to make the most of my maternity leave by taking a long vacation and skip the winter cold on a (safe!) exotic island, Mauritius seemed like the perfect answer. Kitesurfing heaven and a family vacation paradise.


Le Morne lagoon, Mauritius

Destination: Mauritius, Le Morne

Time of visit: October 15th – November 15th

Time difference: GMT+4

Travel days: 30

Age of child: 4.5 months (at departure)

Heaven for: travellers and explorers of unspoiled nature, gourmands, water sports fanatics (kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, SUP, diving) and golf players

Suitable for children: of all ages

Weather: we were there during the winter season so the weather was mostly sunny and tropical (28 °C) with great winds to satisfy our kitesurfing ambitions (15-30 knots). Ideally, the best time for water sports would be a month earlier. At the time of our visit the official kitesurfing season was coming to the end. Officially, the season closes at the end of October, but unofficially it can last until November or even December. Water temperature: suitable for bikinis and boardshorts. More info here.

Flight: The Emirates; Venice – Dubai – Port Louise; flight hours: 6 + 6 (one way).

From the airport to the location: a bumpy and winding road. You only have to drive 35 km to get there, but the drive takes more than an hour. Locals are in the habit of stopping right in the middle of the street for no particular reason, which only prolongs the driving time.


Flying with a baby can be really easy-going, The Emirates

Accommodation: Mauritius Palms apartment house, in Le Morne peninsula area. A heavenly place, ideal place for families and larger groups. Enough peace and quiet for the baby to sleep, and spacious enough for nice child – free evening BBQ in the garden. All of the apartments are very well equipped and overlook a magnificent tropical garden and the Brabant Mountain. There is also a large pool- enough big for kids as well for morning or evening refreshment.


Swimming pool area, Mauritius


  • The apartment 50€/ night
  • Car rental 21-28€/ day (depending on the car you choose); we had a 25-year-old Toyota Hilux and it did just fine.

Why Le Morne, Mauritius?

We didn’t have to think twice. Besides being the most famous spot for kitesurfers on the island with perfect wind conditions, Le Morne’s remote location takes us away from the mass tourism. On the southern side of the mountain there is a large flat lagoon where the water is waist deep – ideal for beginners and freestylers. Experienced kitesurfers and surfers can ride more different types of waves outside of the lagoon. The most famous waves: MANAWA and ONE-EYE rank among the top 10 best waves in the world.

Le Morne peninsula was named after the extraordinary boulder Le Morne Brabant (556m); which is also visible from all sides of our apartment.


Heavenly beaches with the beautiful Le Morne offering breathtaking scenery

Top 5 of Mauritius trip 

1. Ideal conditions for kitesurfing – a huge flat lagoon, amazing waves for the extremists, wide sandy beaches with a lot of shady spots and warm sea

(Kite) surfing beach with plenty of shade

(Kite) surfing beach with plenty of shade

Ideal kitesurfing conditions

Ideal kitesurfing conditions, Le Morne, Mauritius

2. Wide range of activities on the island – optimal conditions for water sports; when the wind was not strong enough we rented a SUP or went exploring the island, enjoyed the local cuisine and spectacular sunsets, swam with dolphins or built sand castles on heavenly beaches.

3. Great accommodation – a big terrace with a tropical garden; wonderful hosts offering a lot of useful information. We had everything we needed for safe and unforgetable family vacations.

Apartment house

Apartment house, le Morne, Mauritius Palms

View from the terrace - Le Morne

View from the terrace – Le Morne

4. Warm tropical weather

Relaxation at the beach

Relaxation at the beach

5. Sightseeing –  Mauritius is a rather small island with a lot to offer, so it is a good idea to rent a car and explore it. We had visited just few out of many interesting sites:


Black Gorges River, Mauritius

  • We visited the oldest tea plantation on Mauritius, Bois Chéri. The guide takes you through the historical stages of tea production, shows you the plantations and how the tea is picked, and explains the importance of the plantation for the island. After the short tour (1h), we treated ourselves to a delicious lunch in this restaurant with a beautiful panorama overlooking the whole southern part of the island.
Tea production

Tea production, Mauritius

Tea plantation

Tea plantation, Mauritius

A cup of tea

A cup of tea, Mauritius

  • We drove trough the sugar cane plantations.
Hit the road

Hit the road

  • And across the wild SW part of the coast.
Exploring the island

Exploring the island of Mauritius

In search of the dolphins

In search of the dolphins, Tamarin Bay, Mauritius


Kid enjoying himself

  • We also visited the Sunday market in Quatre Bornes – most famous for textile shopping.
The market of Quatre Bornes

The market of Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

The market of Quatre Bornes

The market of Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

What parents travelling around Mauritius should know about:

  • Selected accommodation – ground floor or storey apartments with a secured terrace, a perfectly equipped kitchen and 5 min drive to the lagoon were the important criterias for our satisfaction.
  • Baby gear – you can borrow anything you need from the house owners (bed, car seat, mosquito nets, fans)
  • Activities– all kinds of water sports for all kinds of weather, a lot of shade on the beach and lots of families with small children for company.
  • Water temperature – warm, appropriate for small children
  • Food – a heavenly assortment of tropical fruits and fresh seafood, but hardly any locally grown vegetables.
  • Health – no special precautions (except for mosquitoes!) You can find good quality hospitals nearby. In case of emergency you can also call a private doctor.
  • Party (child-free) – not much goes on in Le Morne area. You can find some bars or restaurants in a nearby city La Gaulette. However, you can get a cheap local nanny (4€/ hour), in case you want to visit the neighbouring town Flic’n’Flac, or go to any of the parties offered at the resort. We mostly stayed at home barbecuing with the neighbours.
  • Kind and relaxed locals, always ready to spoil your little one.

Friendly locals

The above descriptions are based on personal impressions and experiences gained while travelling with my family. For more information, please contact us at: hello@kidgoround.com



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