Sleeping in hostels is one of the ways to cut your travel costs. From our experience, hosteling can be easily done with kiddos as well. But before you decide, read 9 things you should consider before booking a hostel.

The most important criteria for choosing a hostel:

1. Hostel reviews – read reviews of other travelers and check whether your hostel is a party hostel. Try to avoid them, so your kids will be able to fall asleep at night.

2. Cleanliness – before you settle in, check the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities, especially if you don’t have a private bathroom.


Check how clean are the common bathrooms, Japan

3. The option of booking a private room with a bathroom – if the private rooms don’t have a bathroom, check the other guests’ cleanliness ratings.

4. A well-equipped kitchen


Kitchen time,

5. Common areas – you can usually see them on the pictures of the hostel’s website

6. 24-hour reception – no official opening hours. This means you can arrive in the middle of the night and the staff will let you in.

7. Hostel has its own terrace or garden


Playing outside in the garden, Takayama, Japan

8. Parking – in case you have a car

9. The option of renting a baby cot (if you are travelling with a baby)

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We recommend you check beforehand if the hostel welcomes kids (some hostels have an age limit for children and don’t accept younger kids). If the hostel’s site is not clear about the limitations on younger children, send them an email.

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